Looters are running rampant… police departments are being defunded…


Claim your FREE copy of 
"Patriot Home Defense"

Claim your FREE copy of 
"Patriot Home Defense"

Patriot Home Defense

Concerned Americans discovered inside:

  • The secret and unconventional tactics to disperse an angry mob without using any weapon;
  • 3 "quick fixes" for under $10 that are more effective in keeping out intruders than a solid steel door;
  • The one thing you should never do if intruders have breached your home;

All this and much, much more...

35,782 Concerned Americans Paid $37 For This Book

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"DAVID! I felt COMPLETELY HELPLESS and TERRIFIED because of what is happening in this country right now. After finishing “Patriot Home Defense” I feel so much better. This book has the best info I’ve found for prepping my home and my family for civil unrest, roaming mobs and even civil war. I am going to share this knowledge with all my neighbors and friends!"

– Josh Burnett, North Hempstead New York



They are armed and dangerous!

6 out of 7 responses to this situation Could get you and your loved ones injured, robbed or lying in a pool of blood on the floor…

Only 1 will guarantee you make it out alive and well!

Do you know what this response is?

If you don’t know the correct response to do in this situation, the information I am going to share, FOR FREE, today, might just save your life.

For months now, we’ve seen the streets of major cities turning into warzones night after night, businesses looted and vandalized, and law-abiding citizens have been shot or beaten to a pulp. We’ve even seen police stations and courthouses torched.

Now, these violent mobs of anarchists are on the move looking for the next community to devastate!

So what would you do if one of these mob showed up on your doorstep?

Demanding you let them in…

Or else!

Not even wealthy, gated communities are safe as crowds of protesters come of nowhere, threaten people and destroy property.


Don’t bury your head in the sand! The information inside “Patriot Home Defense” is extremely time sensitive and, unfortunately, you cannot find it anywhere else because few Americans have experienced real-life civil wars like I did.

My name is David Foley and I am a freelance journalist. For more than 20 years, I have been traveling the world and going to hotspots of civil unrest, from Ukraine to Syria, from Venezuela to Egypt.

During these dangerous trips, I’ve seen nations descend into chaos, overnight, I’ve seen what happens to ordinary citizens when society breaks down and the laws become just words on paper.

I’ve documented exactly what has happened to ordinary people in times of social unrest and civil war. I’ve seen the winning strategies and those that condemned families to to immense suffering! I know what’s coming.

That is why I pray to God the unrest we are seeing right now ends soon and you will never use the knowledge I am about to share but not another day goes by without the violence on our streets getting worse and worse…

Many Americans see the writing on the wall. Right now, gun and ammunition sales are skyrocketing. It’s so bad that that ammo manufacturers are warning of a shortage that could last beyond 2021.

I know that THE SAFEST PLACE to be if all hell breaks loose, is right in your very own home, IF you have the knowledge and the preparations in place to deter all those evil people from daring to step inside.

Listen, most cold-blooded criminals or looters are expecting guns. Chances are, they are far more prepared mentally to resort to lethal force to get their way.

That is why using the element of surprise is much more important than having 10 guns back home.

In my travels I’ve seen first-hand how dozens of families in war-torn countries defend their homes and ward off mobs with words and, if needed, unconventional self-defense methods.

In a violent world, unconventional methods are proven to be way more effective, easier to put in place and more affordable. Think about it… Even if you have $10,000 worth of surveillance systems and alarms... who will show up to protect your home and family if the entire area is gripped by violence and unrest?

It will be up to you, your knowledge and your preparations. The good news is that you can learn from the experiences of people who have had to deal with this their whole life. People from Africa, South America or the Middle East, who were raised in lawless countries but still managed to survive and thrive as ordinary citizens.

The information that I know I can use to survive just about any crisis.


Patriot Home Defense

In this book on unconventional home defense, I will share with you the real-life, battle tested tactics preppers use in worn-torn countries to keep their loved ones and their property safe in times of civil unrest.

Anyone who has studied military strategy knows that winning a battle is more about setting it up the way you want it to go, than it is about having the best weapons. This is how “Patriot Home Defense” will help you prepare for any attack on your home.

You will learn...

All of these and many other battle-tested unconventional home defense tactics are your to discover today, absolutely free. Just Pay $5.99 Shipping.

Go through this one-of-a-kind crash-course on home defense, and you will be the only one in your neighborhood who has the answers when all hell breaks loose.

You will discover how to approach the most dangerous times in our recent history from a place of confidence and inner calm so you sleep well, and maintain your focus.

Listen, I know many Americans can’t afford the luxury to move to a “safe”, gated community should real civil unrest happen…

But will thank the Holy Lord that you had access to these unconventional and brutal tactics.


On top of all of that you’ll also get 3 bonus e-books to perfectly complement “Patriot Home Defense”.

Bonus #1;

The first special report is called “Survival Guide to Trapping”and it’s the perfect complement to strengthening your home defenses. This special report prepared by master trappers will show exactlyhow to use traps to ward off, discourage or incapacitate any intruder.

You'll learn why security alarms are almost useless in a disaster scenario in keeping lootersout,and the $0.50 'silent' alarm that works without electricity, and doesn't alert the intruder. You will also learn about the so called traps of last resort that can incapacitate any intruder foolishenough to step insideyour property. Warning: the information inside this chapter should only be used in the most desperate situations.

Bonus #2;

The second bonus is called “Surviving Martial Law”. Given the rising violence on the streets of America today, you have to be prepared for the possibility of Martial Law. You will learn whatMartial Law means for you, your family and the entire community.

Bonus #3;

The third bonus is called “Survival Guide to Handcrafted Weapons” . It’s designed to show you how to create improvised weapons in case the ammo runs out. Don’t be fooled by their primitive appearance, these unconventional but effective weapons are the backbone of home defense in countries where firearms are scarce. You will discover the step by step blueprint to assemble a crossbow, a portable bulletproof shield, how to build effective obstacles against home invaders and even how to make your own smokescreen. Everything here is designed to give any home invader some very nasty surprises.